Thermoforming or vacuum forming plastics

With thermoforming or vacuum forming, a thermoplastic sheet is heated and pulled over or in a mould.

Thanks to high-tech machinery and continuous investment in production, we offer competitive thermoformed products for serial production from 100 to a few thousand units per year.

Vacuum forming or thermoforming offers many advantages. The investments in moulds are relatively low. In addition, it is possible to work on large areas which may not technically or economically be viable by other production methods.

Benefit from high-gloss products that are resistant to discolouration and / or aging. For outdoor applications, we use only mass-coloured UV-resistant plastics. As a result, lacquers are redundant.

Serial production of parts through thermoforming is done in temperature-controlled aluminium moulds. For prototypes, we use soft tools from polyurethane or wood. All the moulds, from A to Z, are designed in-house so that they comply with our requirements.

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Bending thermoplastics

Bending thermoplastic sheets is possible up to a length of 2.000 millimetres.

With very limited investment shielding can be provided: a plastic sheet can easily be formed in any direction. Thanks to our modern machinery, we can bend plastic into the desired radius.

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3D milling of enclosures

Create contours or cut-outs: 5-axis milling makes every detail possible.

Precise finishes with complex lines on a hard surface: our vacuum formed plastic parts are machined on versatile CNC milling machines. Multiple milling programs are possible in a single form.

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Plastic parts are glued or assembled into complete systems: a ready-made product for easy installation on a vehicle or machine.

As a system supplier, BTL PLASTICS does not only produce plastic parts, we are also responsible for the assembly. This can be done with plastic products, metal parts and accessories such as hinges and locks. Thus, our customers benefit from a complete system.

There is a wide variety of assembly techniques. Adhesives, rivets, threaded connections, and ultrasonic welding, are all possible. We even go a step further: on request, we make complete sets or modules and supply just in time.

Complete systems simplify the procurement and logistics process for our customers. Thanks to the assembly of different parts, we propose a complete plug and play system: a ready to use package that can be assembled immediately and quickly.

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Working with BTL Plastics?

These are the advantages

As low as 100 units

Thermoforming or vacuum forming become profitable very quickly. Due to the limited investment in moulds economical series start already at 100 units per year.

Multiple finishes

One mould for multiple products. Our 5-axis milling machines make several milling versions possible.

Continuous quality

Enjoy continuous quality thanks to extensive automation and fixed process parameters.

System supplier

Take advantage of a simplified procurement and logistics process with complete systems and delivery per kit or module.