Quality, reliability, and responsiveness make the difference to our customers worldwide.

BTL PLASTICS is a sustainable and innovative industrial partner: we respond today, to customer-specific solutions of the future. Every day, we explore the possibilities of thermoforming, we develop new applications and offer efficiency gains on an industrial scale.

Years of experience

BTL PLASTICS is an SME with a professional attitude. Our goals are achieved through a no-nonsense approach and continuous improvement of our business processes.

With knowledge and expertise, we are a reliable partner and supplier for industrial vehicle manufacturers and machine builders.
Thanks to investments in technology and an operational focus, the production site in Wielsbeke is a state-of-the-art environment with one goal: to meet the most stringent quality demands of global players.

Call on our experience

Fully integrated CAD-CAM

The original 3D design as the basis for each production phase: completely through CAD/CAM integration.

Thanks to our CAD/CAM integration, we avoid human error and enhance quality. Much to our customers’ benefit. The original and approved 3D product files are used directly for the mould designs, the machine control and programming of 5-axis CNC milling machines.

Total ERP process management

The integrated ERP system is the engine of BTL PLASTICS. Extensive digitalisation excludes human errors and ensures smooth follow-up.

Thanks to automation, each phase is 100 percent measurable, verifiable and controllable: full control of all business processes from start to finish.

In addition, EDI ensures smooth digital collaboration. The electronic platform enables customers to send orders, receive ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) and exchange invoices. Digitisation reduces the error rate to zero and eliminates repetitive administrative processes.

Progressive quality

Of course, we meet the ISO 9001 standard. This is a logical consequence of our daily efforts to improve. But, BTL Plastics goes further.

Through a continuous focus on improvement, we are a leader in our field.

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